About Us

Chris Edmond

Chris Edmond is a passionate photographer who has spanned many years from the film days to the latest technology. I now shoot with the Canon EOS R5 mirrorlss camera. Have also branched out to Mobile phone photography using a Samsung Galaxy S9. I plan my photo shoots before I leave the house with such things as weather, light, time of day, tides, sunrise, sunset, moonrise.

My favourite locations are along the Illawarra coastline especially the rock shelves and Royal National Park. I also shoot in the rainforest and love to capture waterfalls. There is no better feeling than being on a rock shelf before sunrise and setting up and shooting in the ambient light before the sun rises. After sunrise when the shoot is finished I pull out my chair, eat my breakfast and drink coffee and think life is pretty good.

I also shoot Motorcross and surfing. My favorite surfing location is Sandon Point
I am very passionate about photographing the Illawarra because I think it is one of the best locations.
I have travelled extensively throughout South East Asia to Thailand (many times), Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Vlade Stojkovski

(All in One Framing) Has built a thriving business in Figree for over 25 years and has an infinite frame combination of various timbers/colours, matt boards and glass. Canvas printing, stretching and mounting to a frame. Only stainless steel staples are used and the back of the frame is also covered to prevent dust from destroying the image from the back. (most leave this open at the back). Images are printed on the Epson SP-9900 wide format printer that can print images up to 1.1m wide and infinite height with superior resolution, gradations and colour density using the latest Digital Photo Processing and Printing technology.